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There are lots of celebrities sporting beards at present and many fashion experts have said that beards have reached saturation and are no longer trendy. Beards have gone in and out of fashion and is often seen as a rite of passage as people get older, but the latest wave of beard growing has been amongst the younger generation.

There is a vast range of beard wearing styles from the hardly there, wispy beatnik style, the goatee, to the full on 1970’s style beard. Beards can represent virility, masculinity but also a poetic creative flair, but as with all fashions, once too may people start sporting the same look it kinda loses its appeal.

If you decide to keep going with your beard it is important to invest in a beard trimmer. This well help you to keep your beard well maintained and under control. Some people associate beards with scruffiness, but this does not have to be the case. Regular shaping and trimming of your beard will keep you looking smart in all circumstances and can add an element of gravitas and maturity to your look.

If you have had enough of your beard you will need to think about investing in an electric shaver to maintain a close shave look. If removing a beard you will need to trim it down as far as you can go before you start shaving as otherwise you may end up with razor burn. If your face has been under a beard for a while it may be a good idea to pamper your skin. After a good wash apply moisturiser to your skin to keep it looking good.

On removing your beard you and your friends may be shocked by your appearance as it can knock about 10 years off your age. The clean shaven look has a youthful appeal and you may find that people act differently to you than when you had a beard.

Some people who have a beard do so not just for fashion reasons. A beard can allow you to cover areas of problem skin, for example if there are acne or other scars. However you wear your facial hair, as long as you keep yourself well groomed you will exude confidence.

Is It The End Of The Hipster Beard Trend Credit Picture License: Auzigog via photopin cc