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The advancement in technology is increasing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, data breaches have become a common occurrence, so companies are being offered cyber insurance. When cyber insurance was first introduced, businesses declined it because they were confident their networks could not be penetrated. However, high profile breaches became frequent, so companies are now seeking [&hellip

Are Lawyers Under... contracts

The law industry has been a popular choice as a profession for many Canadians. However, hiring a lawyer is time-consuming and costly, so many individuals are looking for other options for their legal needs. Consumers are fighting back against high rates. The economy has suffered in recent years, and the law business has taken a [&hellip

Government Helps Foreign...

Foreign trained professionals can get help finding a job in their field. The Canadian government is offering assistance to immigrants who need to find employment. Certain occupations need foreigners to fill the positions, so several organizations are joining forces to help immigrants in search of jobs. Occupational therapists are getting help from the Canadian government. [&hellip