One Dog Bite... One Dog Bite Wreaks Havoc, Woman Loses 3 Limbs

Christine Caron was playing a game with her Shih Tzu mix when she got bitten. Under what some would consider rare and abnormal circumstances that one bite sent her body into septic shock and cut off blood supply to her extremities. As a result, doctors had to amputate both of her legs above the knee [&hellip

Man Arrested for... Man Arrested for Loving Animals a Bit Too Much

Sadly, bestiality is still a part of today’s culture. Recently, Anthony Volgmann was convicted of bestiality and corrupting morals in a case that grabbed nationwide attention. Volgmann was an SPCA volunteer who operated as a dog walker, actually performed sexual acts with the animals under his care. The resident of Moncton, NB is currently facing [&hellip