Cook Your Way... Cook Your Way To The Top!

Lots of people are now choosing to study a culinary degree; this is probably due in part to mass media coverage of celebrity cooks and cooking programs, but mainly because people love cooking and creating new dishes. Food is such an essential part of life that it is not surprising that so many people are [&hellip

Will these Careers... Will these Careers Open doors For You?

Some programs of study are better than others when it comes to getting a fantastic career. Obtaining a degree can open lots of doors for you when it comes to finding well paid interesting work. The beauty of getting a degree means that there are many career paths you can choose which are relevant to [&hellip

These Celebrities Wanted...

You will never guess which celebrities studied accounting, their current careers seem far flung from their original studies. Eddie Izzard.  Izzard was the son of an accountant and went on to study accountancy at Sheffield university, U.K. Izzard is now better known as a comedian and actor well known for his artistic flair and offbeat [&hellip

CPA Salaries in...

CPA Salaries in Canada If you are looking for a lucrative career to enter, consider becoming a CPA in Canada. A job well-suited for people that enjoy working with numbers and providing a highly needed service to businesses and individuals is one for the accountant. Requirements to Become an Accountant A great deal of education [&hellip

How to Become...

There are a number of needs for the forensic accountant these days. From assisting divorced couples in uncovering hidden assets to assisting businesses, there are great opportunities available. Educational Requirements The individual that is looking to enter the forensic accountant world will need a four year degree in accounting. This will set the stage for [&hellip