The Spirulina Spiral Hawaiian spirulina powder

There are a number of benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar and eating spirulina. Most people have never even heard of spirulina more or less know about its health benefits. The more you learn about different types of food, the better you will be able to cook for you and your family to create healthy [&hellip

Color Coding Health Breakfast Cereals 1

Everybody loves sugar. It is just about everywhere you go. You put it in your coffee, your cereal, and just about every dessert imaginable. But one thing most people do not consider is how healthy sugar is for you. Too much sugar can be a bad thing especially for people who suffer from diabetes. Is [&hellip

Getting Real with... Beef Jerky 3

When the first Europeans arrived in the New World, they found that the Natives were making a dried meat product that did not need to be consumed immediately and they instantly knew that jerky would be beneficial to them. What the Native American tribes called “pemmican” was jerky meat added to either crushed dried fruit [&hellip

Gaining Protein to... Fitmiss Delight 2

Many women tend to avoid protein powders for fear of building too much mass. Thankfully, that fear has been debunked for the average lady looking to reap the benefits of hard work in the gym, and the verdict is in: Protein rocks! Even so, many women still fall short of consuming the necessary amount of protein for [&hellip

Know Your Sugar types-of-sugar

If you’ve ever had a recipe call for both brown and white sugar in the same recipe, you may wonder why you have to use both. Couldn’t you simply use one or the other and come out with the same product? After all, they’re both sugar, right? While they are both sugar, they do have [&hellip

Finders And Baiters:... Bass Fishing

The reason why so many of us love to fish for large mouthed bass, is the same reason why we can hate it some days. The suspense of when you are going to feel that wonderful feeling of something tugging at your fishing pole can be an enjoyable and exciting burst of energy. But when [&hellip

The Fragile Side... The Fragile Side Of A Sturdy Companion

Let’s face it; we often treat our pets better than we treat ourselves. We take our pets for visits to the veterinarian for regular checkups, something that most adults don’t even do for themselves. We make sure that our pets are not being overfed and that they don’t get too many treats during the day. [&hellip

When He’s Shaking... When He's Shaking Like A Polaroid

Shaking and eating chocolate are two concerns that many dog owners have because dogs cannot talk and tell you why they are shaking or how much chocolate they ate. In some cases, your can quickly remedy the situation without intervention, but if you do not know why your dog is shaking and he does not [&hellip

Cook Your Way... Cook Your Way To The Top!

Lots of people are now choosing to study a culinary degree; this is probably due in part to mass media coverage of celebrity cooks and cooking programs, but mainly because people love cooking and creating new dishes. Food is such an essential part of life that it is not surprising that so many people are [&hellip

Fun Pet Facts:... No-chocolate-for-pet

Eating chocolate can be fatal to dogs due to the presence of a chemical which is toxic to dogs, namely theobromine. Theobromine is found in cocoa beans, dogs are unable to metabolise this chemical effectively which can have deadly consequences. Dark chocolate is worse than lighter varieties of chocolate due to a higher concentration of [&hellip