The Hidden Dangers... The Hidden Dangers of AirBnB

Have you heard of AirBnB? If not, definitely look into it because it’s something that you might be interested in. If you have ever wanted to travel the world, but not have to spend thousands of dollars at expensive hotels for the “touristic experience”, then AirBnB is something to look in to. AirBnB is a [&hellip

Cooking Rice in... Cooking Rice in Canada is Catching On

Why is rice, and therefore rice cooking, so popular in Canada? The answers are simple. To begin with, no matter where you are in the world, rice has and always will be a staple, a supplement, and a solution to what’s for dinner as much as it is to keep those less fortunate alive and [&hellip

What It Costs... What It Costs To Be Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a well-known comedian and movie star. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1961, Eddie murphy has enjoyed a stellar career. Murphy’s first break was at the age of 19 where he starred on Saturday Night Life, a late night comedy show. Due to his popularity on the show and recognition of his [&hellip

One Dog Bite... One Dog Bite Wreaks Havoc, Woman Loses 3 Limbs

Christine Caron was playing a game with her Shih Tzu mix when she got bitten. Under what some would consider rare and abnormal circumstances that one bite sent her body into septic shock and cut off blood supply to her extremities. As a result, doctors had to amputate both of her legs above the knee [&hellip

Man Arrested for... Man Arrested for Loving Animals a Bit Too Much

Sadly, bestiality is still a part of today’s culture. Recently, Anthony Volgmann was convicted of bestiality and corrupting morals in a case that grabbed nationwide attention. Volgmann was an SPCA volunteer who operated as a dog walker, actually performed sexual acts with the animals under his care. The resident of Moncton, NB is currently facing [&hellip

Regina Looks At...

As reported on January 27, 2014 on the CBC News website, Regina officials have been asked to put together a report regarding having additional off leash dog parks constructed in the city (at the moment there is only one area in Regina dedicated for as off leash areas). Councillor Mike O’Donnell made the request, stating [&hellip

Guard Dog Brutally...

Most burglars will think twice before attempting to break into a home or property that has a sign that says “Beware of Dog” posted which makes it a highly effective deterrent; unfortunately it wasn’t enough to deter a man who robbed a Winnipeg automotive shop. According to a September 14, 2013 report by the Winnipeg [&hellip

California Pizza Kitchen... Photo credit here.

Pizza actually dates back to the ancient Rome, Greek and Persian empires. Archeologists have found evidence from the ruins of the Italian city of Pompei that supports pizza being sold on street stands and also ovens in restaurants that were made for pizzas. It started out as a poor man’s food until the 16th century [&hellip

Is Reality TV...

Although there are so many channels that offer different choices of material to watch throughout the day, it seems that more and more Americans of all ages are turning the channel to reality television shows. Although some of these reality television shows can be educational at points, more often than not the subject matter of [&hellip

World’s Most Expensive... The most expensive boots are diamond studded and cost $3.1 million

Taking luxury footwear to new heights, Antwerp World Diamond Centre unveiled what it terms the “World’s Most Expensive Shoes” on December 4, 2013, possibly surpassing House of Harry Winston’s famous ruby shoes as the most expensive shoes in the world. The paisley-pattern ankle boots of black leather are covered in diamonds with more than 39,000 [&hellip

Study Finds Canada’s... pancake

The Canadian province most known for its sweet tooth seems to have no problem in fitting into its pants. Going by the 15th annual ‘Eating Patterns in Canada,’ a study administered by The NPD Group, which is a market research company, Quebec leads the nation in both its narrow waistline and its capacity for having [&hellip

Companies Seek Cyber... 3046356862_41cb6ed011_z

The advancement in technology is increasing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, data breaches have become a common occurrence, so companies are being offered cyber insurance. When cyber insurance was first introduced, businesses declined it because they were confident their networks could not be penetrated. However, high profile breaches became frequent, so companies are now seeking [&hellip

Are Lawyers Under... contracts

The law industry has been a popular choice as a profession for many Canadians. However, hiring a lawyer is time-consuming and costly, so many individuals are looking for other options for their legal needs. Consumers are fighting back against high rates. The economy has suffered in recent years, and the law business has taken a [&hellip

Government Helps Foreign...

Foreign trained professionals can get help finding a job in their field. The Canadian government is offering assistance to immigrants who need to find employment. Certain occupations need foreigners to fill the positions, so several organizations are joining forces to help immigrants in search of jobs. Occupational therapists are getting help from the Canadian government. [&hellip

Toronto IT Market... computer-engineer

For people looking for a job in Canada, the IT job market is one of the biggest job markets on the continent. Toronto is home to one of the largest IT job markets in North America, topping large cities such as San Francisco, Boston and New York. Because IT jobs are so strong, companies are [&hellip

Canada On The... St_James_Park_Tents

The jobless rate in Canada continues to rise, and no end to this slump is in sight. The unemployment growth in the country is predicted to be the slowest since 2001. The gains in employment between January and July saw a 42,000 decrease from the first seven months of 2012. Canada is home to the [&hellip

Agents & Brokers... for-sale-sign

Canada seems to remain in a housing slump, and no end is in sight. Experts do not anticipate housing prices to improve anytime soon; therefore, real estate agents are seeing a decrease in the amount of income they make. It has become very challenging for real estate agents to keep up with the slumping housing [&hellip

Job Market Mismatches... job-market

The CIBC recently released a report stating that people jobs in Canada are difficult to find primarily because workers are skilled in areas other the fields needed to fill the vacancies. Canada is home to a labour mismatch according to a report called The Haves and Have Nots of Canada’s Labour Market. Individuals are having [&hellip