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Touring kayaks have over thousand old history—Alaskans, Siberians, and other people from cooler climates have been using skin-on-frame type of kayaks to get the necessary protein from nature to cover their daily diet needs. The modern skin-on-frame kayaks were starting to develop in the early 19th century, from contributors like Alfred Heirich, Johannes Klepper, and [&hellip

Finding Affordable Kayaks affordable kayak

Kayaks don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune as many people think. Basic kayaks sets can start from just a hundred of dollars to 5 hundred, but for all those looking for affordable options there are quite a few kayak sets that cost less than 300 dollars. When choosing an affordable kayak option, it’s best [&hellip

The Way You... kayak fishing 1

Fishing off the shore, in a full sized boat, or smaller sized “dingy” can all be effective ways of fishing. However there are now more options for you that will enhance your fishing trip into a more mobile and free experience. Fishing in a Kayak can completely change how and more importantly where you are [&hellip

How Starting Kayaking... tandem kayaking

You and your significant other may be hitting a rough patch. You both have heard each other’s stories, you both are finding different and new interests, and that spark of adventure just isn’t there anymore. Have you thought about starting a new hobby—together? Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of kayaking. Kayaking may [&hellip

Finders And Baiters:... Bass Fishing

The reason why so many of us love to fish for large mouthed bass, is the same reason why we can hate it some days. The suspense of when you are going to feel that wonderful feeling of something tugging at your fishing pole can be an enjoyable and exciting burst of energy. But when [&hellip

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You may want to start a new adventure right now, maybe needing an extra dose of excitement to add to your fishing? Maybe, you want to get yourself into shape too? Either way, if you want something that is full of adventure and limitless possibilities then Kayaking is going to be right up your alley.  [&hellip