It Pays To... Lapdog-646x363

Everyone knows that when a dog gets too hot they pant to cool down, but did you know that they also sweat through their paws? A dog has sweat lands between the pads of their paws which is why on really hot days you may see wet paw prints on the ground. Dogs are pretty [&hellip

Competition Dog: And... Domestication-of-the-gray-wolf

Dogs and human beings have been living together for thousands of years, but how did it all get started? Researchers theorize that wolves first became attracted to human beings because of the food scraps we would leave uneaten. What could be better than someone else going through the danger of hunting for you, and then [&hellip

Fun Pet Facts:... No-chocolate-for-pet

Eating chocolate can be fatal to dogs due to the presence of a chemical which is toxic to dogs, namely theobromine. Theobromine is found in cocoa beans, dogs are unable to metabolise this chemical effectively which can have deadly consequences. Dark chocolate is worse than lighter varieties of chocolate due to a higher concentration of [&hellip

These Celebrities Wanted...

You will never guess which celebrities studied accounting, their current careers seem far flung from their original studies. Eddie Izzard.  Izzard was the son of an accountant and went on to study accountancy at Sheffield university, U.K. Izzard is now better known as a comedian and actor well known for his artistic flair and offbeat [&hellip

CPA Salaries in...

CPA Salaries in Canada If you are looking for a lucrative career to enter, consider becoming a CPA in Canada. A job well-suited for people that enjoy working with numbers and providing a highly needed service to businesses and individuals is one for the accountant. Requirements to Become an Accountant A great deal of education [&hellip

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There are a number of needs for the forensic accountant these days. From assisting divorced couples in uncovering hidden assets to assisting businesses, there are great opportunities available. Educational Requirements The individual that is looking to enter the forensic accountant world will need a four year degree in accounting. This will set the stage for [&hellip